I think I impulsively buy nail polish late at night.

Saturday, January 16

I did it again. I think the stress/my cold/the late hour is really getting to me. This time I put in an order at Diamond Cosmetics, so it's not like I spent a ton of money. And besides, I've been wanting to try their polishes for quite some time. I ended up getting Lemon Yellow Zest, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Amethyst & Diamonds, and Chainmail Charm. I actually bought Amethyst & Diamonds purely because of Diana over at Painted Lady Fingers' description of the polish. She described it as something a fairy queen would wear. Well, obviously I'm going to get it then. I have a slight obsessions with all things fae. And of course I got Chainmail Charm, since it's rumored to be a dupe of the ever-elusive original My Private Jet. Though from pictures, I have to say I'm loving CC much more than I'm loving MPJ.

Oh, and it seems like Diamond Cosmetics has raised their prices. I know about a month ago everyone was saying they were 2 dollars a bottle. Now they're $2.25 (and $2.50 for Amethyst & Diamonds). Still a great price, but I'm just wondering if this is true?

Anyway, expect those colors to appear here sooner or later! Oy, my collection just keeps growing and growing. At least I don't have a habit that's too terribly expensive, haha.

Oh, and I have also developed sudden lemmings for Nfu-Oh polishes. 44, 45, 51, and 60, to be exact. They're so expensive, though! Maybe some other late night, haha.

Have you made any impulse buys lately?


Brooke said...

Yes... :( I had a late night polish purchase a few days ago. I think our judgement gets cloudier at night and our polish lemmings get stronger! lol
Looking forward to seeing your new polishes!

btw,. I noticed the Diamond Cosmetic price increase yesterday. I was wondering if they ever had sales (not like $2.25 is expensive, but if I can get them cheaper, I can buy more polishes!)

Jean said...

I'm not sure, but I've actually been wondering the same thing. I hope they do, though! They have so many lovely colors that I want to try.

Lucy said...

I think most of my purchases are impulsive. Yes, especially late at night or early in the morning. Three AM or later! I put in an order to TransDesign two days ago. I made a resolution not to buy much polish. I didn't get very far with that.

Jean said...

Yeah, I sort of put myself on a no-buy a while back..it's not working out so well, haha.