Easy post: some recent hauls.

Friday, March 26

I feel like I haven't done a proper NOTD/Review for a while. I think I've currently got three or four sets of pictures that need to be watermarked, and then I'll be able to do those posts.

I'm feeling completely blah today, though, so I figured I'd just show you all what I've purchased lately. Easy post for all of us, haha.

First, some various mini-hauls. Not even hauls, really.

Avon Rave and Avon Viva Pink, Rimmel Violet Metal, No Miss Boynton Beach Blue, and a random Hello Kitty glitter polish I bought from Target.

Next, Sally's. I got an email about a week ago telling me to go spend 6 more dollars at Sally's this month so I could get a 15% off coupon for next month. And Sally's was still having their China Glaze 2 for $10 deal, and their clearance was buy one, get one free. So.

China Glaze Reggae to Riches, China Glaze Thataway, China Glaze Millenium, Nina Ultra Pro Velvet Seas.

Next up, Walgreen's. I've been wanting to try eos lip balm lately, and Walgreen's stocks it, and it was 2 for $6. And the other day I saw Sally Hansen VIP Pink on a blog, and I wanted it. It looked so girly and pretty!

eos lip balm in Summer Fruit (smells and tastes like peaches), Sally Hansen VIP Pink, eos lip balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew (I don't really get the honeysuckle aspect. Definitely do get the honeydew, though. It's lovely).

Oh! My Nfu-Oh from Lacquer Slacker arrived last week! Behold: Nfu-Oh #56.

So prettyyyy... It's my first Nfu-Oh!

ALSO. I had heard around the blogosphere that Ross was selling all the recent Color Club collections. I decided to check out my two local Ross's, and yes! They were! At the first Ross I found several Pardon My French sets and several Rebel Debutante sets. I only got the PMF, though, since I wasn't drawn to too many of the RD colors.
I then went to the other Ross in town, in search of the Poptastic collection. I didn't find it, but look what I did find! Electro Candy! I was ecstatic.

That's all my haulage lately. I do have a ton of Lush coming soon, though, as well as some items that One offered to send me for review. Oh, and I just placed an order at Evil Shades for two of the new lipsticks, Primrose Path and Diabolical. (If you don't know what Evil Shades is, check it out. It's owned by our very own Andrea/Evil Angel of Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss!)

Regular posting should commence tomorrow. Oh, also. I added a little box to the sidebar, with all the current contests (that I know of/have entered) for your convenience.

Okay, now I'm going to get off the computer and go finish watching Tarzan. Yes, I am watching Tarzan. My theory is, you can never be too old for Disney movies. (The old-school, animated ones. I don't know what some of this stuff they're putting out now is. It's just ridiculous. And don't even get me started on the downfall of Disney Channel programming.)