Really quick update.

Friday, March 5

It's currently 5:28 AM. I should be asleep, and yet. I'm not. I went to see "Alice in Wonderland" at midnight with a few friends, and now I just can't seem to be able to get to sleep. So what better way to pass the time than to give you guys a little update, right?

Well, it's officially spring break for me. Hooray! It's going to be great, having one stress-free week. I am planning on really catching up on my blogging.

I've got..let's see. Threeish NOTWs to show you, and a few tiny hauls. I also really want to get some makeup reviews in (such as my new amazing MAC Hang-Up lipstick).

Oh! And I've won a few contests lately! From polishSWATCHES, I won my choice of the new OPI Hong Kong collection, and I chose Meet Me On the Star Ferry. And then from Lacquer Slacker, I won Nfu-Oh #56. My first Nfu-Oh! Hooray!

Also..I was bad. Again. Here's the thing. I've been dying to try out the whole Konad thing. I've been toying with the idea of ordering for some time now, and was originally going to get the Coraline kit. But then I realized, I wouldn't use it very much. So the idea went to the back of my mind. But with all this talk these past few days of the Konad blogger coupons not working soon, I decided I better get to it and put in an order at OC Nail Art. So I did. I ended up getting the starter kit, which contains a stamper, scraper, special white polish, and plate M2. I also really wanted a plate with a butterfly, and so I got M41, as well, since I also really liked the floral designs on that one. The basket and hat are so not me though, haha. Anyway, I'm super excited to use those! I'm happy I finally broke down, because with the 30% discount, it was so inexpensive.

So yay! Expect my first (probably really horrible) attempts at nail art soonish! Well, whenever I get my order.

Okay. I should really try to get some sleep now. I've got to get up in about five hours and redo my nails before I go visit a few friends from high school.

- Jean


Pinkginger said...

I was so afraid of Konad before I tried it! Once you get used to it it's really fun,and I love seeing the designs :)

I've also tagged you on my blog :)