Finger Paints Sketch N Etch.

Friday, June 25

This is one of Finger Paints' latest releases, and I believe it's a new addition to their core line. This is great news, because it means that most of you will be able to get a bottle! And, really, you should get a bottle. It has swiftly become one of my favorite greens.

It's a gorgeous, lit-from-within emerald green shimmer. The second picture is a more accurate depiction of the lit-from-within-ness. Application was awesome. It was smooth, and I only had to use two coats to get a decent amount of opaqueness. I suppose I could have used one more coat, though, to really ensure that I wasn't going to have any VNL. Wear was decent, and, honestly, the only reason it chipped so quickly (on the second or third day of wear) was because I was house-sitting and I had to do a ton of cleaning. Also, my nails have been peeling pretty badly lately.

Speaking of which, does anyone have any suggestions on how to combat this? My nails are usually pretty strong, but lately I've been having serious problems with peeling/breakage. I've heard Nail Tek suggested before. Is this a good option? What do you suggest?