Thursday, November 26

So, I've been a bit excessive lately with my spending, especially on beauty products. I figured, hey, why not take my love of beauty products and cosmetics and whatnot and, you know, review them for others. I realize there are hundreds, if not thousands, of beauty blogs out there. But I'm not doing this for the readers. I'm doing this because I love cosmetics, and I want to share my love of them with you. I'm not getting paid by any company to do this blog. I buy every single one of my products myself. I'm just doing this for fun.

You're probably asking, "What's with the name?" Well, personally I feel that my makeup is a bit of a shield to the world. It makes me feel more confident and, overall, it makes me feel safer. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it makes sense to me.

It's not all about the deep philosophical meanings behind makeup and other cosmetics, though. Really, I just love having fun and playing around with my makeup and trying out new colors and products.

A little about me: I'm somewhat of a nerd. I love Xena, I love Buffy, I love sci-fi movies, especially ones focusing on aliens, I love video games, and I love Sci-Fi (I refuse to call it Syfy. That's just so stupid.). I also love reading, and I love writing. (Which is probably why I'm an English major with a focus in Creative Writing.)

Anyway, I should have my first review within a day or so (My camera battery is currently dead, so that means no pictures. And, really, what's a review without pictures? Ha, I say that now, but I probably will have a few reviews without pictures. Some products really just do not need pictures.). What is it, you ask? Well, you'll just have to wait and see!