Review: Chanel 493 Jade Rose

Friday, November 27

Oh, this polish. We have a love-hate relationship. I had such a lemming for this polish, and I finally managed to snag a bottle on ebay. It arrived promptly, and the moment I saw it, I was in love. It's the perfect nude pink, and I love how it's almost the exact color of my skin. It's so, so pretty.

However. The formula is kind of not all that great. It felt thin to me, and I kept getting bubbles. I had to reapply about three times (which is why the bottle looks so, well, empty), and I suppose third time's a charm, because this was the end result.
Four coats, one coat of Seche Vite. I was really upset about how much polish I wasted, but practice makes perfect I suppose. Honestly, though, I am kind of thinking that the application problems are my fault. I've been having issues with painting my nails lately, mainly because I haven't been getting proper sleep due to stress and am quite shaky and impatient. Despite the issues I had with application, I love this polish. I wish I had a dupe for you but trust me, I looked everywhere, and there really isn't one. The closest I found was Cover Girl Queen Collection polish in Rose Petals. But that's much more of a frost than a shimmer. Oh, speaking of which. Jade Rose has a very pretty shimmer in it, but that shimmer didn't transfer very well to my nails. You can see it in certain lights, and it's lovely.
(Both pictures are taken with flash, indoors. Also, note that these pictures were taken after three days of wear.