Many mini hauls.

Friday, December 11

So, I've been getting a lot of little packages lately, all filled with nail polish. It's so exciting! Sadly, I won't be able to swatch any of them until the end of next week. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Monday, and they told me I had to take off all polish. Gah! That reminds me. I accidentally took off Essie Mauve Soiree before I could take pictures. Sigh. Oh well. I'll try to swatch it for you guys at some point. It's not that it's this crazy interesting color, but it's pretty. A really nice fall color, in my opinion. Anyway! First up, we have two polishes I picked up when I was out running some errands earlier in the week. Sally Hansen Flirt and Sally Hansen Disco Ball. I picked up Disco Ball because I thought maybe it could be a dupe for ChG Glacier, which I am seriously lemming. Yeah, no. It's not..I don't know? Soft enough? White enough? Either way, it's not even close. I need to find Glacier. I really do.

(Flirt, Disco Ball)

Next, we have a little package from Head2Toe Beauty. I have been desperately wanting China Glaze Wagon Trail and it is finally miiine. It's so gorgeous. I can't wait to be able to wear it. I contemplated getting ChG Glacier, and I'm kicking myself for not ordering it. But I did need a new black, since my Rimmel Black Satin is no longer with us, so I ended up getting Orly Liquid Vinyl.

(Wagon Trail, Liquid Vinyl)

Next up is a small Sally's haul that I got today. I went in to pick up Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing (Which they had. Hooray!), but but then I saw there was a sale on China Glazes where you could get 2 for $10. So, obviously, I took advantage of it. I wish my Sally's would stock up on all the ChG Glitters, but alas. I ended up getting ChG Atlantis and ChG Frostbite. Such pretty colors. And then, well. I was checking out and right by the register they had the Orly Metal Chic collection. Now, I didn't get all of them. But I did get the one that has been intriguing me the most: Iron Butterfly. I cannot wait to wear this polish. It's so, so beautiful. And just packed full of silver..not glitter, exactly. Shimmer, I guess? Whatever it is, it's wonderful.

(Atlantis, Iron Butterfly, Frostbite, Purple X-ing)

When I got home, there was a little package waiting for me in my mailbox. It was the Clinique polish I won off ebay! A few weeks ago, I bid on a lot of 2 Clinique Black Honey Velvet polishes, and I won them! Only about $5 total, with shipping. This polish is so beautiful. I've been wanting a beautiful, dark jelly red lately, and I do believe I have found it.

(Both are Black Honey Velvet. Taken without flash to show the true color. When I took the picture with flash, it turned into this crazy weird reddish pink color. The color in this picture is pretty much spot-on.)

And right after I got home, Mr. UPS Man decided to deliver my Zoya order that I made during the Green Friday madness! Huzzah! Sadly, Envy and Tangy are backordered, but hopefully they'll come soon. For the polishes I actually bought, I got Zoya Richelle, Zoya Posh, and then their Anchor Basecoat. As far as the greens go, I'm keeping Irene, Suvi, and Envy for myself. The rest are going as gifts.

(Posh, Richelle, Irene, Anchor Basecoat. I forgot to put Suvi in the picture. Oops!)

Wow! Lots of polish lately. Like I said, I won't be able to swatch for a while, sadly. But I will get back to it as soon as I can, I promise!