My, my, my.

Tuesday, December 29

So I decided to go out shopping today. I know I told myself that I was going to go on a no-buy, but, well, that didn't happen. First stop today was to get my textbooks for next semester. Got those. Oy. That's all I have to say.

Well, then we headed over to Sally's to pick up OrigiNails Bubble White, which I've been wanting to try. My nails are insanely stained, and all the reviws for this were great, so we shall see. I will let you all know my thoughts on it once I use it, of course. Sally's still had their China Glaze 2 for $10 sale going on, so I picked up Flying Dragon and Japanese Koi. My Sally's was also having this sale where if you bought one of their sale items, you could get one sale item free. Well, they had these little Orly boxes. One had Enchanted Forest (!!) and Prisma Gloss Gold, and the other had Star Spangled and Tiara. I bought these sets, though I was a bit hesitant about the second set, since I already have two red jelly glitters (ChG Ruby Pumps and BB Couture Fairy Blood). But I figured I had nothing to lose, because, seriously, less than 5 dollars for four Orly polishes. Awesome. I also picked up Poshe topcoat, since I've been wanting to try it.

Anyway, then I went to the only good vintage store in my area, and found some amazing things. A gray fitted blazer, a purple and gold striped fitted blazer, a sheer black patterned dress with a white peter pan collar (I'm turning this into a top, since it's so sheer), crimson sweater (which I got for free because it had a few holes), crazy knitted floral sweater from the 50s, fuchsia top from the 70s, tapestry bag, a pair of cowboy boots (Actually, they're more like a mix between riding boots and cowboy boots. Insanely cute, though.), and a maroon skirt with white polka dots. I was amazed I found so much. Usually I only find one or two things.

From there we went to the best used bookstore in the area, and I found Pride and Prejudice (the movie), Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald (I was so happy to find this. I found his other collection of short stories, Flappers and Philosophers, but could not find Tales of the Jazz Age anywhere), Marie Antoinette: The Journey by Antonia Frasier (I have a slight obsession with Marie Antoinette.), and The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Then on the way home, I remembered we had a coupon for Walgreen's for Sinful Colors. 99 cents! I picked out Daddy's Girl and Call You Later. Pretty! These will be my first Sinful polishes.

Overall, an amazing day. I know I keep talking about all this shopping that I do, and I've only done a few reviews. I took some pictures of Essie Mint Candy Apple today, so I'll try to get that review up at some point. I plan on painting my nails with Zoya Richelle tonight for New Year's, so expect that review soon. And I'll review the Bubble White at some point soon, too. I'm also trying to get a few cosmetics reviews together, too. I really did start this blog to chronicle my shopping and descent into madness, though. But I love reviewing products, so I did decide to do those, too. I'm trying, guys! I really am. Things have been a bit crazy lately, though.

Oh, also. I've been working on a spreadsheet of all my polishes. I'm going to try to find some time to transfer it over to Google docs, and then I'll post a link to it on the side. That way if any of you would like a specific review or swatch or whatever from the polishes I own, you can let me know.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful evening/morning/day in general.


EDIT: I posted the spreadsheet in the sidebar, under "My Collection." It's a work in progress, though. I do have all of my polishes entered, but I'm still working on getting the colors listed. I've done about 1/4 of the colors.


susies1955 said...

How do you like the Sinful polishes. I've got a few and they are pretty nice. It takes a few coats but worth it.

Jean said...

I have yet to try them! I've been buying so many polishes lately that I'm still catching up. I might test them out tonight when I'm changing my polish for my first-day-of-the-new-semester manicure. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, though.