Review: China Glaze Wagon Trail

Sunday, December 20

Where has this color been all my life? It's perfection. I finally broke down and ordered this a few weeks ago, and I just got around to trying it, and I have completely fallen in love. It's this gorgeous blackish bronzy color with olive gold shimmer. It does have a tendency to look black in certain lights, but I honestly don't care. I love vampy colors, and this is a vampy color that's dirty and a little edgy and just downright perfect. I'm going to be sad to take this off in a few days to do my Christmas manicure. Application was perfect. I had hardly any cleanup to do, which is saying a lot for me, since I'm pretty messy when I'm painting my nails, usually ending up with it all over my cuticles. But not with this! It was lovely. This is, I believe, two coats polish and one coat Seche Vite. I apologize in advance for the tipwear. I've had this on for about three days now.

(Outdoors, sunlight, no flash.) In this picture, you can see the great brownish bronzy undertones this polish has. You can also see one of my dogs. Oh, and I apologize for the horrendous scrapes on my hand. I tripped on the driveway yesterday (Don't ask me how; I have no idea.) and scraped both my hands, both my knees, my left elbow, and my right foot.

(Indoors, flash, artificial light) In this picture you can see more of the black base and the wonderful olive gold shimmer.

I am so happy I finally was able to get this polish. It's now one of my favorites.