Orly sale at Billion Dollar Babes

Thursday, January 28

I just thought I'd let you guys know, there's a sale on Orly polishes at Billion Dollar Babes. They have several random polishes, and then two nail polish sets: Gems and Prepster. They are prices at $18.00, which is much better than their usual $45.00 price tag.

I was tempted by the Gems, but I bought the Prepster collection, because I've been lemming Cashmere Cardigan and Country Club Khaki for quite some time, and the rest of the collection just looked super pretty and springy.

The sale ends in less than seven hours, so I'd get over there as soon as possible!

You do have to register for the site in order to buy from there. Click here (or on the link above) to register and start shopping!

(I am in no way associated or affiliated with Billion Dollar Babes. I am merely posting this because I thought it would be useful for my readers, as they love polish and good deals just as much as I do. The registration links lead to my own membership registration page. I do not get any compensation for any sales made.)


Thess said...

I have signed up, but I don't see nail polishes...?


Jean said...

The sales go for 48 hours, so, sadly, I think it was over by the time you registered. I'm sorry! :(