Review: Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm

Friday, January 29

My first Diamond Cosmetics polish! And boy, is it a stunner. I've been craving holographic polishes like crazy lately, but I haven't been able to find any. Finally I decided to just go ahead and order from DC, since the polishes are so reasonably priced. So, so, so happy I did. This polish is absolutely gorgeous.

Chainmail Charm is a charcoal with rainbow holographic..shimmer? Yeah, sure, let's go with that. It applies like a dream. Two coats to opaque, though I ended up doing three, because I was having serious polishing problems last Sunday. I messed up so many times. So, honestly, any crappy looking areas on the nail are because of me, not because of the polish. Actually, because of how badly I applied it (and because my nails themselves were peeling like crazy, causing the polish to chip prematurely), this manicure only lasted about a day. This is not accurate! I will try it again very, very soon so I can get a proper wear-time estimate.

I decided to give you two videos (as well as one picture, above) to show you just how pretty this holo effect is. (However, the quality on the videos isn't amazing, sadly. I'm not sure why this is. They were fine before I uploaded them to flickr. Sorry about that!) I've heard some people compare it to OPI My Private Jet, but since I don't have the original MPJ (All I have is the weird brownish one), I can't tell you how similar they are. CC is absolutely gorgeous, though, and I highly recommend it.

(All videos/pictures taken outside, in natural light.)

The only thing weird about the whole process was the shipping of it. And this is all FedEx's fault, not Diamond Cosmetics'. For some reason, FedEx decided to ship my package from its origin point in south Florida, to Orlando, FL, to ATLANTA, GA, and then to my house in the Florida panhandle. Why? Why, I ask? It just seems like a big hassle to bypass my house by several hundred miles, just to turn right back around and go another several hundred miles to actually bring my package to me. But whatever. They got here, and that's what matters, haha.


Evil Angel said...

Chainmial charm is so gorgeous and FedEx is beyond stupid!

gildedangel said...

That color is beautiful, I really need to pick it up!

Arie said...

awww I like the vids!^_^, so pretty!

Nicole said...

This is so pretty! One of my faves by them.
Weird about the shipping, what is up with that??
I tagged you for an award!