Hello, my name is Jean, and I have a polish-buying problem.

Saturday, February 13

Yep, you guessed it. I bought even more polish. But wait! Before you say anything, you must understand: LEMMINGS. Serious, serious lemmings.

First up, a few polishes I picked up at Sally's last Thursday. I really only went in there to get a new bottle of Poshe (the tale of what happened to my old bottle is forthcoming), but then I decided to glance at their sale rack. SKFJBSKB. So glad I did. There was China Glaze Glacier! One of the most-lemmed polishes on my lemming list. And right next to it was ChG Dreamsicle! What the heck, Sally's? Have you been holding out on me? Because those definitely were never on display with the rest of the glitters. Anyway, their sale items were buy 1, get 1 50% off, and my mom was only getting one polish (Finger Paints Wine Wristlet), so I also got Finger Paints Cobalt Cardigan. It's a super-pretty dark navy that seems to have a little bit of teal in it.

This picture does not show just how pretty these polishes are. Glacier has all this pastel opalescent glitter, and Cobalt Cardigan is not that black-looking, and the flakies in Merry Midnight aren't even showing up. Sigh.

(L to R: ChG Glacier, ChG Dreamsicle, Finger Paints Cobalt Cardigan, and OPI Merry Midnight [Which I left out of my previous haul post, so I decided to include a picture here.])

Moving on.

I'm visiting relatives in south Florida this weekend, and there's this huge shopping center nearby. With an Ulta. Now, I have never been to Ulta before. When I walked in..oh my goodness. It's just heavenly, isn't it? There were so many polishes I wanted, but I had to restrain myself, since they were all a bit expensive. They even had the China Glaze Up & Away collection! I didn't get any, though, because—and yes, I know this might be blasphemous—none of them were really drawing me in. They looked so pretty online..but in person? I don't know. I just felt they lacked..something.

They had so many other amazing polishes, though! Including OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte! I passed on it, though, because I already was spending too much, haha. I did get OPI Mad As A Hatter, though, because my Trade Secret still hasn't called me to tell me they got more in, like they said they were going to. I also picked up OPI Jade Is The New Black. As for non-OPIs? I checked out all the Ulta brand ones, but nothing was really pulling me in.

Then I got to the Essie section. You know you're addicted when you see a polish from 20 feet away and know EXACTLY what it is. The polish in question here was Essie Aruba Blue. YES! They had it! And oh my word, it's so gorgeous in person.

I only bought one other polish, and that's Sula Paint and Peel in Watermelon (It looks more like a cherry blossom to me, but whatever). I've been curious about these polishes for quite some time, but I've never had a chance to see them in person. My mom was also intrigued, so she agreed to split the cost with me. Originally, I was going to get Moss, but I've been craving a good pink lately.

(L to R OPI Mad As A Hatter, Sula Paint & Peel in Watermelon, Essie Aruba Blue, OPI Jade Is The New Black)

Yeah..Only MAAH is really color-accurate. The Sula is a bit darker pink (like these cherry blossoms), Aruba Blue is darker and prettier, and JITNB is a bit darker, as well. The lighting in this room is just really weird. Sorry!


gildedangel said...

You picked up some great stuff, I have been loving Jade is the New Black!

Jeweled Thumb said...

You sound like me! I went to Sally's today for polish thinner and walked away with 4 CGs all on clearance!

Jean said...

When they're on clearance, it's impossible to pass them up!