Review: Essie Aruba Blue, and more haul pictures.

Saturday, February 20

I have been searching for this color EVERYWHERE. And I finally found it at the Ulta in Panama City Beach. It's an amazing darker-end-of-bright-blue blue, and is packed full of shimmery goodness. It's just so warm and summery. I love it. At first I was a bit worried it would be too close to China Glaze Frostbite, and though they are both blue shimmers, the comparison stops there. Frostbite is much colder and wintry. Application on Aruba Blue was amazing. I think it was two coats to opaque..I can't quite remember! When it did start chipping, though, it chipped like crazy. Alas. This didn't happen until day four, though, so that's awesome.

As far as the haul was a Valentine's gift from my mom! She got me the Sephora Give Me Some Lip set, and Sephora for OPI High Maintenance (Well, actually, I kind of threw this in the virtual basket at the last minute, heheh). I love this set so much. To be quite honest, I'm not typically a lipgloss type of girl, but these are gorgeous. And with the polish..I realized after I purchased it that it might be really similar to one of my many other reds, but it's not! I've been desperately searching for a great red-orange lately, and I think this is it. It has major orange undertones, and will be a great summer pedicure color.

(EDIT: Uhh..I don't know where these pictures went. They're not on my computer, they're not in this post. Um. Oops?)