Zoya sale!

Tuesday, February 16

Just letting you all know, Zoya is having a sale in honor of New York Fashion Week. Spend $10 and get two polishes free! Just use code NYFW. I took the opportunity to order a new bottle of basecoat, Gwin and Akyra (both of which I've been wanting for some time), and then Anastasia for my mom (..and for me. It looks so pretty!). Their blog says it goes from Wednesday until Friday, but I just used it, and it worked fine. If you've never tried Zoya, I suggest taking this opportunity to try a few polishes. Or if you have tried them before, get even more! They're a newish brand to me, but their color range is so extensive, and I really like their formula.

Click here to read more, and happy shopping!

(I am in no way associated with Zoya, Art of Beauty, Qtica, or any of their affiliates. I just enjoy sharing information about sales with my fellow beauty-lovers. I get no commission whatsoever.)


Anonymous said...

just the excuse I needed to finally make another order ;)