Double Review: Orly Prim and Proper and OPI Absolutely Alice

Thursday, March 11

First up, Prim and Proper.

This polish..oh, this polish. I wanted to like it. I really, really did. But it just looked weird with my skintone, and it was brushstrokey, and it just was weird overall. I put it on because I was really in the need for something girly and feminine. I think this was almost too feminine, haha. It's a light, light, light metallic lavender frost. The formula was pretty good, and it dried well, but it's just too..something. Not my style.
I don't know. I guess I'm just not really into this finish of polish. It was pretty, sure. Just..not for me. (By the way, the pictures are color-accurate.)

Next, Absolutely Alice.

Sadly, I only have one picture for you. This polish is so gorgeous, but I had so many problems with it. First of all, the formula was gloopy. I expect that with glitter polishes but this one was overly gloopy. Dry time was amazing, though I had to use three coats for full coverage. I needed this polish to last for a week, since I wanted to wear it for the Alice in Wonderland midnight premiere. Now, I'm not stupid. I knew I'd have to touch it up a little bit before going to the premiere. But this polish.. It peeled off in huge chips on the second day. By the fourth day, it was even worse. I had to touch it up so many times, sometimes having to completely redo some nails. I ended up just chipping it all off on Friday morning. It's frustrating, because it's so pretty. My picture really does not do it justice.

It's a gorgeous cobalt blue glitter with gold glitter dispersed throughout. First of all, I'm sorry about the state of my cuticles. Second, I'm sorry about the fact that I'm only showing three nails. I had already started chipping if off by this point. Third, I'm sorry for the raggedy edges on my nails. In addition to the polish chipping off, my nails also started breaking like crazy. It was just not a good week, haha. So, overall, love the color, hate the formula. But it's a glitter. What can you do?


sarahloo said...

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want absolutely alice! unfortunate to hear about the icky application. but I still want it! :P

Jean said...

Honestly, the color is so pretty that it's worth the crappy application.

gildedangel said...

Love these!!!