tokidoki at Sephora.

Thursday, March 11

So, here's something that not many people know about me: I used to be way into anime. Well, manga mostly, but I did watch some anime. I still kind of am. Most of my favorite movies are Miyazaki. I have piles of manga under my bed. I love Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, other RPGs. In general, I just love the vibe of anime. I don't ever really watch it anymore (nor do I ever read manga anymore), but it was a huge part of my tween years. (Sidenote: I was at a library today with my mom, my brother, and my nephew and we were in the children's area. They had coloring pages. Of Sailor Moon. It was awesome.)

This is the draw to tokidoki for me (aside from the adorable name). Oh, and their packaging is cute-but-still-tough. And so many colors! Seriously, they're not shy of the colors, which is awesome in today's world of reds and pinks and peaches. We need more bright colors! Viva la..colors! (I didn't take Italian, so forgive me for not knowing what "colors" is in Italian, haha.)

Anyway, it's not the makeup that's drawing me to their line. It's these:

In particular, this one:

I've been trying to find some cute little bags for makeup and other odds and ends in my purse. This thing is adorable. But alas. 20 dollars. Maybe someday, eh?

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Toxin said...

I'm an anime/manga nut too.
Yaaaaaay tokidoki!
Boooooo Sephora not doing OS shipping!

sarahloo said...

my room used to be plastered with anime/manga pictures...I was a ranma 1/2 junkie! it's been years since I watched anime or read any manga, but it's still special to me too.

Jean said...

Toxin: It's so weird that Sephora doesn't ship OS. You'd think they would. It would make sense that they would. So strange.

sarahloo: A lot of my friends were into Ranma 1/2. And I haven't read any manga or watched any anime in years. I've been thinking of pulling out my manga lately, though. I've been feeling nostalgic, haha.

sarahloo said...

I'm with you on miyazaki. he's made some of my all time favorite movies. my neighbor totoro always makes me smile.

Jean said...

My Neighbor Totoro is actually one of the only movies of his that I HAVEN'T seen. I'm working on rectifying this as soon as possible. I honestly can't pick which movie of his is my favorite. I love them all so much, all for different reasons.

SeeingSunshine said...

Gosh I LOVE Miyazaki. The man is a genius!

It's not by Miyazaki, but if you haven't already seen Tokyo Godfathers you should check it out. It's absolutely hilarious.

Jean said...

He really is a genius, isn't he?

And I think I've heard of Tokyo Godfathers. Never seen it, though. I will definitely check it out!