Green polish roundup!

Friday, March 19

I know, I know. This is about two days late. But, hey, better late than never, right?
I've actually been wanting to do some posts like this for a while, and St. Patrick's Day finally motivated me to get out my greens and do some tape swatches. I would have done nail swatches, but my nails are already in a somewhat horrible condition. I can't even imagine what they would have been like after that.

I've broken these swatches down into three sections: darks and mediums, brights and lights, and blue-toned.

First up: Darks and mediums

The polishes: Sephora for OPI Dark Room, Zoya Envy, Orly Enchanted Forest, Zoya Suvi, Zoya Irene, Rimmel Camouflage

Dark Room, Envy, Enchanted Forest (I apologize for the crazy smudges on Dark Room and Enchanted Forest. I had put too much polish on the tape, and it was running onto my skin, haha.)

Suvi, Irene, Camouflage
A better shot of Camouflage
Next: Brights and lights

The polishes: Sinful Colors Irish Green, Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, Sinful Colors Call You Later, Milani Hi-Tech, Milani Key Lime Shine, L.A. Colors Green Satin

Irish Green, Grass Slipper, Call You Later, Hi-Tech, Key Lime Shine, Green Satin
Irish Green (accurate swatch. Had to be taken with flash, though.), Grass Slipper, Call You Later
Hi-Tech, Key Lime Shine, Green Satin (which is supposedly a Chanel Jade dupe. As I don't own Jade, I can't comment on this. It is a super-pretty color, though.
And lastly: Blue-toned greens
The polishes: Essie Mint Candy Apple, Sinful Colors Mint Apple, Sinful Colors Green Ocean (which is just a weird color in general), OPI Jade Is The New Black (which isn't exactly blue-toned, but I didn't know where to put it in the rest of the greens)

Mint Candy Apple, Mint Apple, Green Ocean, Jade Is The New Black
Comparison of Mint Candy Apple and Mint Apple

I realized after doing all this that I forgot to include Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jade. Oops! It's very similar to Zoya Suvi, though, just with slight teal undertones.

(And yes, I know, the polish in these swatches is still wet. But this is what they'd look like with a topcoat. And besides, I wasn't patient enough to leave the tape on my arm until the polish dried, haha.)