Konad: Milani Hi-Tech and Sally Hansen Grass Slipper with Plate m41

Friday, March 19

As you all know, I ordered my first Konading supplies about two weeks ago. I actually did this Konadicure the day I got the kit. I practiced a little bit on a piece of paper first, and then I decided to just go for it.

I already had Milani Hi-Tech on my nails, and I've been wanting to try out Grass Slipper, so I decided to do a tone-on-tone Konadicure, since I love that look. Grass Slipper is super pigmented, so it worked really well with konading.

I really love how this turned out, especially for my first time konading. It was subtle, but still really pretty.

And here's one with flash:

Please click the pictures to get a better look at the design.