Just ordered a slightly huge LUSH haul.

Saturday, March 20

Meaning, my Trans Design haul will have to wait until later next month. Oh well. :]

The LUSH Haul was mainly because I want to dye my hair once this semester is over, and I wanted to use their henna dye to do this. And I really cannot justify 10+ dollar shipping for one item. So I threw in a few soaps. And a solid perfume. And a dusting powder.

I've also been meaning to clean out all my old, crappy shower gels and replace them with much better stuff. And besides, I have no spring-and-summer scents, and all the scents I ordered are fresh floral or citrusy. ALSO. Many of the soaps I got are prone to melting, and I figured I'd better get these now, or else face the wrath of the coming heat. So there. I have justified it for myself.

Hehe, and I just love LUSH.

But, yeah, this means that Trans Design order will be placed at the end of next month, but that'll be nice. It'll be like a little, "Hey, congrats on finishing your first year of college and not dropping out!" gift to myself.