I'm horrible!

Monday, April 12

No, really. I keep lying to you all! I said I was going to catch up on posting this weekend, and I didn't! I've got so many posts that I want to do, too!

I was housesitting all weekend, though, and it was chaos. The house I sat for has four dogs, two cats, and two ferrets. It's insane. Fun, but insane.

Honestly, my blogging these next few weeks will be extremely sporadic. We're approaching finals, and I'm getting stuff thrown at me left and right. Ugh.

I'll try to blog when I can, but just know: I'll be on a weird schedule until the beginning of May.

I'm so sorry about this, girls!

Oh, also. I completely redid my polish spreadsheet. The link in the top bar under "My Collection" leads to the correct spreadsheet, which is completely up-to-date. (ETA: So, I realized afterward that I had completely left out all my Color Clubs, as well as a few OPIs and a few China Glazes. I've added them in, and NOW it's all up-to-date.)

I'll get back to regular blogging when I can, I promise!

- Jean