Monday Poll!

Monday, April 19

  1. Mood:
  2. Decent. I have a presentation today, but other than that, I'm pretty good. The semester is slowly winding down, and I'm finally starting to calm down a bit.

    Are you a beach lover?

    Definitely. I hate going in the water, though. I prefer to lay on the beach with a good book or a magazine.

  3. Which lipglosses/lipsticks have you been using the most lately?
  4. I've been using One lip balm in Coco-Coconut a lot lately. I haven't really had time in the mornings to properly pick out and apply lipstick, haha.

    Mild or spicy?


  5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
  6. L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara on the eyes, One lip balm in Coco-Coconut on the lips, and Physician's Formula Organic Wear 2-in-1 Bronzer and Blush in Light Bronzer/Soft Ginger on the cheeks. I'm only wearing the blush side, though.

  7. ______ make me happy.
  8. Sunshine, sleep, warm weather, afternoon naps, pedicures.

  9. ______ make me b*tchy.
  10. Ignorance, obnoxious people, loud noises when I'm trying to study (I'm looking at you, video gamers in the Commons).

  11. Last thing you said out loud.
  12. “If I was going to have a laptop other than a Mac, I'd probably get a Toshiba." My friend is trying to pick out a new laptop, and I was voicing my opinion, haha.

  13. Outfit:
  14. Sunset-hued plaid shirt, faded skinny jeans, and really old red TOMS.

  15. Weekly goals:
  16. Do great on my Ethics presentation, finish my Art History assignment, work on my Philosophy of Sci-Fi paper, and STUDY.