Urban Decay and Demeter on sale at HauteLook!

Wednesday, April 21

HauteLook always has some awesome stuff for sale, but they've really outdone themselves this week. Both Urban Decay and HauteLook are on sale, with the Demeter fragrances at 10 dollars, and all Urban Decay under 15 dollars. Pigments for 5 dollars, glosses for 4.25, Big Buddha Brush for 9 dollars..

What are you doing still reading this? Click here and go register and shop, shop, shop!

I actually purchased two Demeter fragrances, one for my mom for Mother's Day, and then one for myself. I've been wanting to try Demeter, but I didn't want to pay 20 dollars. I wish they would have had Holy Water, but Honeysuckle will hopefully be lovely.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with HauteLook or any of the other brands mentioned in this post.)