Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

Monday, April 26

I know by now you all have heard about the Zoya Polish Exchange. I didn't know about Zoya last year, so obviously I didn't participate. I plan on joining in on the fun this year, though, and I think I have figured out the polishes I'm going to swap.

All of these polishes are absolutely craptastic. I suppose my utterly craptastic webcam photo is appropriate then, haha.

From L to R: Orly Tennis Anyone?, Sally Hansen Lightening, Sally Hansen Unnamed sheer ugly nude, Sally Hansen Disco Ball, Ms. Manicure White, Sally Hansen Cinna-snap, Ms. Manicure sheer pink, Avon Herringbone

Seriously, these colors are horrible. Actually, I have so many polishes that I'd love to swap out, but I don't want the bill to get too hefty, you know?

I plan on swapping these for Ivanka, Ivy, Kiki, Kotori, Roxy, Savita, Yasmeen, and Yummy.

Are you going to participate? What are you going to swap/swap for?

(Just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here to learn more about the Zoya Polish Exchange.)

ETA: Yeah, I just went through my stash again, and found eight more polishes I'd love to exchange. Maybe I'll hold onto those until June, and exchange them then.

The other eight:
From L to R: Covergirl Wedding White, Sally Hansen Liberated Lilac, Sally Hansen Brick Wall, Sally Hansen Crushed, Sally Hansen Clearly Quick, Finger Paints Papier-Mâché, Covergirl Electric Blue, Sally Hansen Whirlwind White