Zoya Gwin.

Wednesday, May 5

This is seriously one pretty polish. I picked it up during that NYFW sale that Zoya had a while back, along with Akyra, a new basecoat, and Anastasia (for my mom). My swatch definitely doesn't show half the beauty of this polish. It's an amazing melon/orange with green and gold flash.

I really wish I would have gotten better pictures of this polish. At least you can somewhat see the yellow-gold flash.

My ankle is doing much better today! I think maybe I didn't actually sprain it. It just definitely felt like I did. Really, I'm surprised it didn't break. I've sprained this ankle before, meaning it's weaker, meaning it's more prone to breakage.

I have so many packages on the way with stuff to review for you all! My Zoya Exchange picks (Well, actually, those won't be here for a while. I'm mailing out my trade-ins tomorrow.), four lip lustre samples from Fyrinnae (Type A, Bloodstains, Hair Dye, and Meloncholy. These probably won't be here for a while, either), OPI Damone Roberts 1968, Demeter Honeysuckle (from HauteLook), A few things from the LORAC HauteLook sale (Sheer Peach Gloss Stick, Sheer Berry Gloss Stick, and Groovy Fruit Lip Polish)..

And two other amazing packages! The first is a swap with Stephanie of Imperfectly Painted. She had a spare Hidden Treasure and offered to swap with me for Opulent Cloud! I'm insanely excited about this.

Also on the way is an RAOK from an amazing woman on MUA. She saw I was new to MUA, and offered to send me a decant of BPAL's The Unicorn. Huzzah! My first BPAL!

What's really exciting, though, is that I barely spent any money on all of these packages. The most expensive will be the Zoyas, but I'm also recycling a ton of polishes, so it pretty much evens out.

Whew. That's a lot of stuff. Tons of posts for those weeks in June, which is awesome. Oh, and I should have more Zoya for you tomorrow.

Oh! If you haven't yet, add me on twitter! I'm having so much fun talking to those of you who are following me on there. :D