Zoya Irene.

Monday, May 3

Zoya Irene was actually my St. Patrick's Day manicure. I know, that was over a month ago. I've actually got a few manicures stored away that are even older than that. I told you I was behind!

I got this polish during Zoya's Green Friday event, and I can't believe I waited so long to try it out. It's gorgeous! It's an amazing olive-toned green that even has a bit of gold in it. It reminds me of caramel apples. Mmm. Application and formula were both wonderful.

Speaking of Zoya, I finally have figured out the colors I'm getting for the exchange!

Adina, Jo, Kiki, Kotori, Mimi, Roxy, Savita, Yasmeen, Yummy, and Zara are mine. Drew, Evangeline, Harley, Marcella, Midori, and Shivon are my mom's. I'm also giving six old polishes to each of my sisters-in-law so that they can get some polishes from the exchange, as well.

So if you follow me on twitter, you know that I sprained my ankle today. I was helping my mom carry some stuff down some stairs, and I tripped on the last frakking stair and landed on my ankle. Yeah, it hurt. So now I'm stuck in bed and am going crazy. On the plus side, I'll be getting a ton of blogging done in the next few weeks. And hopefully I'll be able to get my posts queued up for my trip in June.

In addition to spraining my ankle, another crappy thing that happened to me? I STILL can't find Hidden Treasure! It's so frustrating. My Walgreens around town don't even have the display for it! Ughhh.

Anyway, I hope you all had a better day than I did! And if not, hopefully the following pictures of my sleepy cat will put a smile on your face!