Zoya Kaufda.

Friday, May 7

Kaufda is one of what I like to call the "unsung heroes" of the Zoya polish family. Seriously, this color is gorgeous. It's a wonderful rustic orangey reddish copper. I just love colors like this. Really earthy, but still super pretty.

Application was flawless, as usual. It was a teensy bit sheer on the first coat, so I ended up doing two more, just to even things out. And it's seriously long-wearing! Mine lasted seven days before I finally took it off because I was starting to get sick of it, haha. The worst wear I had was from where my nails were growing out.

Also, note the nubbins. They were even worse. In fact, they were so bad, they hurt whenever I bumped my fingertips. They're doing so much better now. I've got some growth past my fingertips again, which is great.

Now. I know I had promised to swatch Akyra for you all. HOWEVER. When I went to put it on, that sucker would not dry! Seriously, I didn't do anything different than what I normally do, and I didn't pile on an excessive amount of polish. It just wouldn't dry! It actually ended up peeling off. Literally peeling. It was awful.

I'll get my Zoya nail wheel up soon, so that you guys can have an idea of a few more of Zoyas colors, just in case you're planning on participating in the Polish Exchange.