My Zoya collection.

Friday, May 7

I just wanted to show you all some quick nail wheel swatches of my Zoya collection, to give you an idea of a few more Zoya colors that you could add to your Zoya Polish Exchange order. All of these except for Akyra, Anastasia, and Cassi have been swatched on my blog.

From L to R: Akyra, Anastasia, Cassi, Envy, Gwin, Irene, Kaufda, Posh, Richelle, Suvi

(without flash)

(with flash)

  1. Akyra - metallic blackened teal with blue undertones
  2. Anasasia - purple/brown with golden brown and plum duochrome (has glitter)
  3. Cassi - strawberry milkshake pink (has glitter)
  4. Envy - dark, almost black green
  5. Gwin - melon/orange with gold, green, and yellow flash
  6. Irene - metallic moss green with golden brown undertones
  7. Kaufda - metallic rustic orange/copper/red
  8. Posh - matte wine red with slight matte shimmer
  9. Richelle - shimmery, slightly bronzed gold with foil finish
  10. Suvi - metallic smoky evergreen
I will have 16 more Zoyas to swatch once I get my Polish Exchange order, so keep an eye out for that post!