Zoya Swatchapalooza!

Wednesday, May 26

Finally! I'm able to post my Zoya Polish Exchange swatches! I wanted to get these up as soon as possible, so that, if you're thinking about participating in the Exchange, you'd have an idea of some of their shades. (Mixed in with my 10 Exchange polishes [the other 6 went to my mom] are my 3 polishes I got from the LIPPY code a while back.) Also: Sorry for the messiness of these swatches! I did my best to keep them clean, but, well, I was running on very little sleep, haha. Oh, and if you have any questions about a particular polish (application, opacity, etc.), just ask!

Note: All are taken in lighting that allows for their true colors to be shown. All polishes are shown without basecoat or topcoat, except for Roxy, which has one coat of basecoat, then two coats polish, then one coat of topcoat. Also, I apologize for the random pieces of fuzz/cat hair. Those always seem to sneak into pictures somehow!