One Bath and Body x2: Soaps and Sponges

Friday, June 18

One has six soaps all together, and I received one of each to try out. Let's talk about scent first.

Citrus Peel: Orange with a bit of a spicy, clove-y undertone.
Peace: It has a very clean, soapy scent. It's actually quite nice.
Sweet Honey: Also very clean-smelling. It only has a faint, faint hint of honey.
Blast From the Past: This one reminds me of sugar cookies, no lie. It's so sugary sweet.
Just 4 Me!: This one is exactly like its description. Brown sugar oatmeal. It's really nice, actually.
Extra Virgin: My favorite of the bunch. It has a very aquatic, green scent to it. So, so nice.

Sweet Honey, Blast From the Past, and Just 4 Me! are very creamy soaps. Out of these three, Just 4 Me! is probably my favorite. It has a great scent, and the oatmeal makes for a nice, gentle exfoliant.

Citrus Peel, Peace, and Extra Virgin have the look of your typical soap. Somewhat translucent, but not completely. Out of these, I love Extra Virgin, not only because it's nice and moisturizing due to being made from olive oil, but the scent is amazing, as well.

These soaps all have a nice lather, and I believe them to be great alternatives to just your basic bar soap.

One actually has five different sponges: a round sponge, a large sponge, a chenille bath mitt, a chenille sponge, and an all-natural exfoliating sponge. I received the chenille sponge and the all-natural exfoliating sponge for review.

Let's start with the exfoliating sponge. Now, I was not all that fond of this one. It was quite scratchy, and all the loose fibers really bothered me. It also didn't hold product all that well. I really wanted to like this one, but I just couldn't. You might have better luck with it, though! Because remember: Just because something doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you.

The chenille sponge was a bit better. Now, this is actually a normal sponge covered in woven chenille. It was quite soft, and it would be nice to use during a bath. I wouldn't consider it for an every day sponge, though, since, again, it didn't hold product very well.

On both of these, it was very hard to get the product to lather, and I tried them with both bar soap and liquid shower gel.

(Disclaimer: I received this product for free from One Bath and Body. The opinions stated above are completely my own and have not been influenced by anyone in any way.)