One Bath and Body x2: Hand and Body Lotions and Shea Body Butters

Thursday, June 17

Onto some of my favorite products from One!

First, their Hand and Body Lotions.

I was sent Cloud 9 and Citrus Spice and Everything Nice to try, and let me just say: I love them both. Seriously, everything about them is wonderful.

Cloud 9 has a nice, clean floral scent that, in a way, reminds me of toned-down lilacs. I like to use this one at night, since it's so relaxing.

Citrus Spice and Everything Nice has an awesome, amazing lemongrass scent. It's so nice and energizing!

The texture on both of these is wonderful. It's a nice, luxurious-feeling lotion that isn't too greasy. It sinks in, leaving my skin nice and moisturized for quite some time. This is a great every day lotion. Not too heavy duty. Really, it's perfect for when you just need a little moisturizing pick-me-up.

I also really love the packaging on this. The flexible, toothpaste-like tube makes it possible to get every last drop of lotion out.

This comes in two other scents, Vanilla Almond Custard and Movie Star Skin, which both sound lovely!

Oh. My. Word. This stuff is amazing! If I was going to tell you to buy one thing from One, it would be these! Seriously, the best body butter I've tried in a long time. Granted, I've only ever really tried body butter by Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop, but still. This stuff is amazing.

First of all, the scents. Oh, the scents! You Wild Coconut, You! is a great, beachy coconut, very reminiscent of the Coco-coconut lip balm I talked about on Tuesday. It smells a little bit like sunscreen, but I still love it! It's very summery.

Cherry Blossom Trails is quite lovely, as well. It's not really your typical cherry blossom scent. You know the scent I'm talking about: floral, but a little musky, with a little bite to it. I love cherry blossom scents (my favorite LUSH scent is actually Sakura/Rub Rub Rub/17 Cherry Tree Lane. Now THAT'S an awesome cherry blossom scent.), and I love this body butter. It has a nice, soft flowery scent that seems to maybe have a hint of raspberry in it. It's so nice.

The texture of these body butters is probably my favorite thing about them, though. It's perfect. I know most of you have seen The Body Shop body butters: They're kind of liquidy, and really greasy. I mean, I like them, don't get me wrong. But they're just a little too slippery for my tastes. One's body butters are basically the exact opposite of this. They're creamy, and solid, and they feel so luxurious on. How about a horrible webcam picture (in which my skin looks pasty white, speckled, and horrendous) to show you the texture?

See what I mean? It really kind of reminds me of butter! I love it. Absolutely love it. And it's so moisturizing! And not greasy at all. I really, really recommend these body butters.

One also has two other body butter scents, Citrus Peel and Shea My Body.

(Disclaimer: I received this product for free from One Bath and Body. The opinions stated above are completely my own and have not been influenced by anyone in any way.)