Sunday, December 13

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and I realized today that I had absolutely nothing to wear. Now, I know, I know. I'm going to be in pain/drugged up/blah blah blah, but I can't help it. I want to look cute, but I want to be comfortable. And I own no sweatpants. Or, at least, none I'd allow out in public. So I decided to go to the mall with my mom. Well, first we looked in Old Navy. Yeah, their yoga pants? So unflattering. I did pick up some cute sweaters, though. (EDIT: Yeah, those sweaters? They looked like sacks when I tried them on . Apparently Old Navy has altered their sizing or something. Or maybe I've lost weight. Oh my! Anyway, they will be returned posthaste.)
Then I decided to finally stop into Trade Secret, because I read today that they carry OPI and Essie. Well, they do. I know, you are all probably shocked by my lack of knowledge. But that store is way intimidating from the outside. Anyway, I got in there, and I saw so, so many polishes I wanted. Luckily for me, they were having this sale/promo thing where, if you bought this basket for $3, you got 20% off everything you could fit in the basket. Well! That settled it. I was getting some polish. I ended up picking out the OPI Mini Merries set (which has minis of Comet Loves Cupid, All A-bordeaux the Sled!, Holiday Glow, and Shim-merry Chic), and then I looked in this little sale bin, and I found OPI Banana Bandanna and OPI Sea? I Told You!, which were both 30% off, which is awesome.

Banana Bandanna is this pale, almost buttery, yellow creme that looks like it's going to be fairly sheer. It's so, so pretty, though. Or I think so, anyway. Sea? I Told You! is absolutely gorgeous. It's a beautiful teal/aquamarine blue with green shimmer. It reminds me of this old Cover Girl polish I have, Electric Blue, but so much prettier. At first I thought it looked like Essie Aruba Blue, which I am seriously lemming, but after looking at more pictures of Aruba Blue, turns out they're nothing alike. Alas. My search continues.

I also picked up a bottle of Seche Restore, because I know I'll need it eventually. Oh, and I hinted at a few Christmas and birthday present ideas to my mom, and she got me some polishes, hehe. I won't get them until Christmas (or my birthday in January), but it's still exciting. Anyway, here are some pictures of my little haul.

(Comet Loves Cupid, All A-bordeaux the Sled!, Holiday Glow, Shi-merry Chic. They come in a little box, but I couldn't get a good picture of the polishes in the box, so I just took them out.)

(Sea? I Told You!, Banana Bandanna. Sorry about the angle. It was the only good picture I could get of them, haha.)

(Seche Restore. Self-explanatory.)

Anyway, after we left Trade Secret, we stopped into Belk. First we were going to look for some comfy pants, but then, well, I got distracted. I remembered seeing this little set of Chanel minis in the other Belk in town, and I wanted to see all what was in it. When we got to the Chanel counter, I found out it was $105. Yeah, not happening. I don't even really like half the scents in it, anyway. But I did get a chance to test Coco Mademoiselle and Chance again, and I have come to the conclusion that the last time I tried Chance I must have actually tried Coco Mademoiselle (I did have three perfumes on one arm, after all), because tonight, well. Chance smelled horrible, and Coco Mademoiselle was heavenly. Creamy, yet spicy, yet soft and beautiful. It's the one for me. I just hope I'll actually be able to get it some day.

Anyway, after minor distractions, we got back on track and went to Target to find lounge pants. Well, I managed to find these super cute olive green lounge pants (Note: They didn't have a picture of the olive green ones online. But it's the same style as those purple ones.) that have this insane sailor leg. It's, like, bell bottom times five. So, so cute. And really flattering, too, actually. I also picked up some Nick & Nora flannel owl print pajamas, which are going to be great.

Well, that was my little shopping trip today. After the amount I spent in Trade Secret, I don't think I can do the RBL sale on Tuesday. It makes me sad, but oh well. Hopefully they'll have another sale someday.

Oh, and when I was at Trade Secret, I decided to ask about the coveted Mint Candy Apple. I was so worried that it had came and went and I had completely missed out on it. But no! The lovely saleswoman told me that she had no idea why they hadn't gotten Mint Candy Apple in yet, other than the fact that they're way backordered on the Essies for the store. She agreed that it was really strange, but she said they should have it hopefully before Christmas. Hooray!

Again, I won't be posting very much these next few days, due to being, you know, drugged up and passed out because of this whole wisdom teeth thing. I'll get back to posting as soon as possible, though!