Haute Mess Tag!

Thursday, January 21

Hello, all! I was tagged by the lovely Gildedangel at Naive Nails for this Haute Mess Award tag. The rules? State seven interesting things about yourself, and then tag seven people.

1. I have a pet hedgehog named Little Edie. I named her after Little Edie Bouvier-Beale, of Grey Gardens fame. I have wanted a hedgehog since I was in middle school, and I finally bought Edie over the summer, as a little graduation present for myself.

2. I have a life-size cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen in my room. My friend gave him to me for my birthday/Christmas about a year ago. The first few days that he was in my room, I would wake up in the middle of the night and freak out, because I thought there was a man standing in my room. Nope. Just Edward. Now he holds my scarves.

3. I'm a vegetarian. I have been for about two and a half years. I was actually a vegetarian in middle school for a few months, but I just couldn't stick to it, but now I find it to be extremely easy.

4. I collect a lot of things. Jewelry with animal charms, vintage brooches, perfume bottles, old cameras, action figures, nail polish, books.. None of the collections are very big, though, except for the nail polish and the books, obviously.

5. I have seen every single episode of The Office, Dollhouse, Gilmore Girls, Bones, and Flight of the Conchords. Ridiculous, I know. I really don't watch all that much television! These all just sort of..happened, haha.

6. When I was about eight, I wanted to be an advice columnist. I'm not exactly sure where this aspiration came from, haha. I think maybe from GL magazine or Elle Girl or one of those other discontinued tween magazines. (Do they still make GL? I think they might.)

7. I have only ever broken one bone, which is shocking, since I'm so clumsy/klutzy. I broke my toe when I was about thirteen. Would you like to know how? This is the best part. I broke it by running into a wall. Yes, you read correctly. I ran into a wall and broke my toe. Don't ask me how this happened, because I'm not really sure, haha. I think it must have gotten caught on the edge of the wall when I ran into it or something.

Well, those are seven things about me. Whether they're interesting or not, I'm not really sure, haha. Hm..I think almost everyone has done this already, so I'm going to just tag whoever hasn't! So, if you haven't done this yet: Go for it!


HeavenNRJ said...

Oh my, I LOVE hedgehogs!!! They're extremely cute! Which one do you have?

I had almost the same accident with my toe.:) I didn't break it though, but couldn't walk normally for a couple of weeks.

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

I really enjoyed reading this! You can buy Hedgehogs as pets in the US? That's fascinating! x

Jean said...

HeavenNRJ: I have a salt and pepper African Pygmy Hedgehog. If she lets me, I'll try to get some pictures of her this weekend, and I'll put them in my next post!

tackyblueeyeshadow: They're allowed to be kept as pets in most states. I believe there are about five or six states where they're illegal.