Review: Essie Very Cranberry

Sunday, January 10

So I actually did this manicure before the Milani Key Lime Shine. I just wanted to post Key Lime Shine on my birthday, since I wore it for my birthday and all. Anyway, this is Essie Very Cranberry. It's a reddish pink..shimmer? Creme? I couldn't decide with this one. It's got this insanely subtle pink/fuchsia shimmer to it that only shows up in certain lights, and then just barely. But it's there. It applied like all other Essies I've tried (excluding Mint Candy Apple). It's a bit thin, but it goes on pretty easily, and it dries in an okay amount of time. I can't remember exactly how many coats this was. I'm going to assume three coats polish, one coat Poshe, since that's how many I normally do. This color truly was lovely. I wore it for my first "week" of the new semester, and it was perfect. Pretty and a little bright, but still subtle enough to not cause people to stare at my nails and not at me, haha.
Both pictures are with flash, indoors. This polish was so hard to capture. All the pictures made it look way more pink than it actually was. I mean, sure, it was a little pink. But most of the pictures I took made it look hot pink. These two were the closest two that came to being practically spot-on.

Oh, and I apologize for that large streak of polish on my pinky. I have no idea how it got there, haha. I also apologize for the tipwear. I'd had this polish on for about three-or-so days.

EDIT: I thought I should let you all know, this is one red that does not stain. As you can see in the comments, I mentioned how I love reds, but they're so staining. Not this one! Perhaps that is because it has that pink undertone to it?


gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous color on you!!!

Jean said...

Thank you! I loved it. I really wish I wore red more often. It's my favorite nail polish color to wear, but the staining is a bit tiresome.

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Oooh I do like that - gorgeous! :) x

Anonymous said...

You should look at this video about perfectly shaped nails. In your last photo you can your shaping is all wrong....index finger pointing right, pinkie pointing left! It's such a hard thing to get right! This video I found is for acrylic nails but you can see how it works and use a different technique for real nails.