Review: OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

Thursday, January 14

So this is my first official OPI polish. Sure, I've got Sephora by OPI Darkroom and 212-Sephora, but I had heard there were significant differences. So, so true. Now, I love my SOPIs. However. Their formula is a bit, well, watery. Real OPI formula? Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. This polish just flowed onto my nail, and there was barely any cleanup at all. I love the OPI brush, too.

Anyway, this color is amazing. It's just a bottle full of dirty, grungy taupy gray-brown goodness. I could have gotten away with two coats, but I ended up doing three because I messed up a nail when I was putting on the topcoat.

Wear on this is so amazing, by the way. This polish lasted five days with very, very minimal tip wear. Five days! I don't remember the last polish that I wore that wasn't chipped and horrible-looking by day five. I will definitely be investing in more OPIs in the future.

I apologize for the horrible condition of my hands. It's been so cold here lately, and my hands are so insanely dry and cracked. I'm working on getting them back to normal. Also, I'm not quite sure why my hands look so red in the second picture. They don't look like that in real life, I promise! (First picture taken with flash, second picture taken without, both in artificial light.)
Oh, and I've been bad again. As you know, it was my birthday last Saturday. Well, Sephora has that special birthday gift for Beauty Insiders. I've never gotten it before, because I'm not all that big on lip gloss (It always ends up being sticky, or it wears horribly.), so I was never really interested before. However, they've got a new gift now! It's this little Beautiful Eyes kit with plumping mascara, silver-green (!!) eyeliner, and pretty white iridescent eyeshadow. This I had to have. Well, we don't have any Sephoras around here, so I had to order online.

Originally I was going to get SOPI Absinthe Makes the Heart, but when I actually looked at again..I just wasn't feeling it. I'm not sure why. I guess I just wish it was more, I don't know, green. It looks so charcoal in all the swatches I've seen. Instead, I got SOPI Brainiac (Love the name!), Sephora Brand Blue Sapphire, and Tarte FRXation. I don't have any colors like Brainiac in my stash, and I've been wanting Blue Sapphire for quite some time, and it's so cheap! I ended up throwing in the FRXation at the last minute, because my lips have gotten so chapped because of this blasted cold (both the weather and the sickness kind of cold). Well! These purchases qualified me for that clutch that Sephora was promoting about a month ago (The one with the eight samples in it). I wasn't sure if the code would still work, but it did! And I love samples, so, obviously, I had to throw that in, too. And it's free, so, why not, right?

So, anyway, expect reviews of all of those items once I get them and try them out!

P.S., I'm sorry if this post is a little, well, rambly. I've got a horrible, horrible cold, and I think maybe even a slight fever. It's causing me to not be able to think very clearly, haha.


gildedangel said...

YDKJ is one of my favorite polishes!

Jean said...

It's now one of my favorites! I don't think I've ever had anything like it.

Thess said...

That looks nice, Jean!
And I mean nice in a good way!
If you like this one, what about OPI, Over the taupe?

I do have YDKJ, but i should have got the other one.. =D

Jean said...

I think I actually almost bought Over the Taupe, but got this one instead, haha. I might have to look into Over the Taupe, though.