Haulage, and some stash pictures.

Sunday, March 7

Warning: This post is extremely picture-heavy.

Now, these did not all happen at once. These are hauls from the past..month or so? Yes, I think that's right. And they're all very small, so. I was going to do a few reviews, but my head is killing, and the sunburn I got yesterday at the Renaissance Faire is making me insanely tired. I'm not used to the sun! It's been gone for so long. I didn't remember what it felt like, haha.

Okay, first up the Valentine's present my mom got me. The Give Me Some Lip set from Sephora!

All of the colors are so, so pretty. They're going to be great for spring and summer, when it becomes time to break out the bright lip colors again. I especially love the first one (Benefit Posietint in Poppy Pink), the third from the left (Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Doug), and the fourth from the left (Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF 10 in Pink 14).

Also in this order from Sephora, I got Sephora by OPI in High Maintenance. It's a gorgeous orangey-red. I was a little worried that I would have a color similar to it, since I have so many reds, but I don't have a single one like it! It's much more orange than my other reds.

Okay! Next up, Milani Hi-Tech. My mom texted me about a week ago about seeing these in CVS (finally!), and she offered to take me to CVS before class on Monday (last monday) to get it.

Not color accurate! It's much more of a bright yellow-green, like a grass green or something. It's so bright and pretty.

Also last month, my order from Billion Dollar Babes finally came! This is the Orly Prepster set, which I got for about 20 dollars, instead of the retail price of..40-something? 50-something? I can't quite remember.

I also took advantage of the Zoya "buy 10 dollars worth of stuff, get 2 polishes free" NYFW sale. That order came a while back, as well.

This is Akyra, Gwin, and Get Even base coat. The other polish I got was Anastasia, which I ordered for my mom. She already had it at this point, and I didn't feel like going and finding it, haha.

A couple weeks ago I went to the mall, in search of Gap Grass EDT and Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Hang-Up. I found them! They're both absolutely wonderful.
This EDT is so fresh and crisp and green. It's amazingly refreshing, and perfect for summer.
This lipstick is super dark and purpley in the tube, but when it goes on, it's a beautiful dark berry.

Last, but certainly not least, a little Sally's haul. I went in there on Friday because I had a 15% off coupon. When I got there, I found out that China Glaze polishes were 2 for $10, and that my Sally's had finally gotten in the Up and Away collection. Now, if you recall, I had previously said that when I saw these in Ulta, I wasn't really drawn to any of them. I changed my mind, though, at Sally's. I ended up getting Grape Pop and Something Sweet, the two that drew me to the collection way back when it first came out, before I ever saw it in person. These both are super pretty and seem to be excellently pigmented. I haven't tried them yet, though.

This picture really washes them out. They're much prettier in person.

Okay! Time for some stash pictures. I always love looking at pictures of people's amazing polish stashes, and I figured I should share mine. It's miniscule compared to some, but I love it very much.

Side view. I just use a 10 dollar snap container thing that I bought at Target. I need to get another one soon, though, because this one is pretty much full. (Oy. Sorry about the messy counter. I didn't realize it was that horrible until after I posted this.)

Top layer. These are all of my tried polishes. They originally were in color order, but then I was running out of space and just started putting polishes in where I could fit them. Hence the periwinkle in with the oranges and reds.
Bottom layer. Untrieds, base coats, and top coats (as well as other various nail care products, like Seche Restore and whatnot). These were organized by color, as well, but then they got all messed up when I moved the box. Now they're sort of organized by brand, but not really.

Well, that's it for now! I'm slowly catching up on my posting again. Now I'm going to go try to sleep off this crazy headache. Tomorrow I'm going to this little game store and trading in my old Game Cube and a few games and probably going to get Final Fantasy X and perhaps a few others. Then I'm coming back to my house with a few friends and were having a paper bead-making party! I'll try to get a few pictures, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Arie said...

Yay wonderful shopping!!, I was wondering the other day about your give me some lip ^_^

sarahloo said...

I freaking love the prepster collection! I really need to find a better way to store my polishes. they're all over the place!

Kacey said...

heh, we bought the exact same polishes - Akyra and Gwin - for the zoya sale! :D

Jean said...

Arie: I love it! I'm not sure if some of the glosses are quite "me," but I bet they'll be fun for a party or something, since they're so glittery.

sarahloo: I love it! I've tried two of the polishes so far, but once it warms up a bit more, I'm going to break them out again. They're great spring colors! And my organization..heh. It's new. My polishes used to be in a bucket, and then they were transferred to some old perfume gift set boxes, and now these nice, uniform boxes.

Kacey: Haha, that's awesome! They're such pretty colors, aren't they?

Mz. More said...

Great nail polish storage. I need to pick up some of these as my collection is getting insane and I am running out of space!