Nail Tag!

Saturday, May 8

I got this from Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes. Feel free to copy and paste and do it on your own blog!

Nail Polish Stash:

How many polishes do you have in your stash?
Approximately 193. I really need to go through my list again and figure out what I gave up for the Zoya Polish Exchange. And when I get my Exchange polishes, this number will be up by 16. :D

Which brand do you own the most of?
China Glaze. It's beating OPI by one. Once my Zoyas come, though, they'll be in the lead.

What colors do you own the most of?
Purple or red. I did get rid of a few of my reds for the Exchange, though.

Do you have a color/texture you do not own?
I don't own any crazily-shaped glitter. Or string glitter. Or hex glitter, really. Honestly, the only glitter I have is circular, as far as I know. I don't own very many glitters.

What's the one polish you always pick up to lift your spirits?
There's not one particular polish. Really, it's anything that's a nice, bright color and applies easily.

What polish do you keep looking at and wondering why you haven't gotten rid of it yet?
Well, it was Rimmel Frisky Clover. It's so not me. I recently gave it to my mom, though.

Franken me? or I'm nervous to try it?
I'm kind of nervous to try it. Though when I was in middle school, I did franken a dove gray. I was so ahead of the curve! :P

Do you franken for new/original polish ideas or franken for polish you won't be able to own?
I don't franken. But if I ever do, it will probably be an attempt to recreate a hard-to-find polish.

Go-to Base Coat?
Zoya Anchor.

Go-to Top Coat?

What's your sexiest polish?
I think my vampies are all pretty sexy. Though the polish I'm wearing right now, BB Couture Fairy Blood, is definitely not a vampy, but it's still really sexy. I think so, anyway.

Nail Design:

Stamping vs Free Hand?
Stamping, definitely. I'm really OCD about nail art, and if I'm trying to make it look uniform, it needs to be uniform.

Bling me, baby? or No bling for me, please!
The most bling I'll do is glitter.

I consider my nails basically nekkid if they don' t have some kind of design?
Eh, I'm fine with just polish on my nails. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of stamping.

My favorite plate/tool/technique?
If I had the talent, I'd love to do a gradient (the single-nail gradient kind, not the full-hand gradient). As far as plates go..well, I don't have a favorite yet.

What I haven't tried and want to within the month?
I want to try stamping with different plates this month.


The one elusive polish you want and can't seem to get?
Well, it was Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I have that now, though (Thanks, Steph!). Hm..I suppose OPI Yokohama Twilight. Curse you, overseas exclusives!

What was the last nail related thing you bought? What was it? Oh! Duh! My Zoya Polish Exchange order.

How much nail related hauls have you bought in the last 7 days (on-line/in-person)?
Just one, my Zoya Polish Exchange.

If you've ever been on a no-buy, how long did it last? Is that what you planned?
Ha, I've put myself on a no-buy before. Yeah, that lasted about a week. I had planned for much longer. :P

(and one question to grow on) Hobby? Addiction? Compulsion? Passing Fancy? Love?
Well. I love nail polish. I really love it. I'd definitely say it's a hobby of mine. I especially love collecting the polish, and it's such a great feeling to find one that you were searching everywhere for! I think I will love nail polish for a long, long time. :]